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Agencja ADM STARS Entertainment Ltd. poszukuje muzyków do pracy (statki/hotele) :

* Singer pianists - one man band - work on river ships in Europe

* High Energy - live 4 piece band - work in a hotel in Doha (start in January)

* String trio (preferred instrumentation is violin, viola). Beethoven, Vivaldi, Broadway, Katy Perry, and everything in between. A mix of classics, showstoppers from Broadway and American Top 40 Hits from the 1960s through today. Using harmonizers, loopers and other cool effects is a bonus! - work on a cruise ship

* Country Band – 5 piece - work on a cruise ship

* House Band/Party Band – 4 piece - work on a cruise ship

* Beatles Tribute Band - work on a cruise ship

* Latin Duo - work on a cruise ship

* Contemporary Duo -We are looking for Piano/Guitar Duos with female vocalist (abilty to perform with backing tracks, pop party tunes) - work on a cruise ship

* Piano bar pop style / sing along - work on a cruise ship

* Piano bar for atrium - work on a cruise ship