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We are the largest Polish collective management organisation in charge of protecting rights for artistic performances of music and words-and-music pieces. We protect the rights of over 700,000 Polish and foreign artists.

We manage and protect the rights for artistic performances of music works, we also collect, divide and distribute the royalties for:

  • fixation 
  • reproduction 
  • introduction to trade 
  • rental
  • lending 
  • public performance
  • broadcasting
  • rebroadcasting
  • making available to the public

We have been protecting artists' rights for over 20 years

The royalties for artists are collected on the basis of licences we sign with users of artistic performances, e.g. broadcasters (radio, TV, digital multiplexes) or those performing them in public spaces such as clubs, discos, shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, hotels, etc. - basically everywhere where playing music is an integral part of business. In order to collect due royalties, STOART created a network of regional offices all over Poland. Our inspectors monitor the public performance market, issue licences and ensure that artistic performances protected by STOART are used with respect to copyright laws. The continuously growing regional structure has helped us to collect royalties for our artists more effectively than ever before.

STOART developed a unique digital system for assembling and processing data about used recordings of artistic performances, a particularly challenging task given the fact that one track might be performed by up to a hundred of performers. Our system enables us to pay out to our artists as accurately as possible. In July 2016 we launched the eWykonawca.pl on-line platform, which gives our registered performers access to their individual revenue accounts.


Istotnym segmentem działania STOART jest uczestnictwo w systemie

We put great emphasis on international cooperation in the field of copyright protection and management. STOART actively participates in the proceedings of AEPO - ARTIS (Association of European Performers’ Organizations) and SCAPR (Societies Council for the Administration of Performers Rights). In order to protect our artists' rights abroad, we have signed contracts for mutual representation with similar organizations around the world.

We also cooperate with various local and foreign institutions to ensure that rights for artistic performances are properly executed and artists receive all of their due royalties for the commercial use of their works. We are taking part in the global campaign FAIR INTERNET for performers. To spread the knowledge about copyright and neighbouring rights protection, STOART organises special conferences for artists, entrepreneurs and business organisations.

We actively promote music events such as festivals, concerts, educational projects and album productions, and in doing so we do not discriminate between our top stars and young debutantes. STOART strongly supports artistic creativity of our members, as we believe that good music is worth investing in.